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Meet the maker of Hsiaowan Studios


Welcome to Hsiaowan Studios! My personal store where I share all my handmade items with you and the world. It also happens to be my name Hsiaowan (Pronounce as Siao-one), which means small bowl in Chinese, my western friends call me Sharon ; )

I have a passion for handmade jewelry, painting, craft projects and rediscovered the endless possibilities of clay in 2018 (first time using a pottery wheel was in 2000). I love to create with clay and make functional tableware, sculpture and incorporate with my Jewelry Design background.  I am originally from the beautiful island country of "Ilha Formosa" or better known as Taiwan. My husband and I have been calling California home for 12 years and always gather lots of nature inspiration from this state such as mountains, plants, ocean and animals. You will find both eastern & western culture influences through my works. I love cooking and sometime share my recipes here on my blog.

All items are handmade in my home studio in small batches (Quality over quantity), and I personally design this website by myself. My mission is to brighten homes and individuals with beautiful yet durable every-day products. Please reach me if you want something custom, thank you for visiting! : ))